Friday, January 1


Happy New Year - 1.

New Year's Eve has become a village event now - this year we were invited to our neighbours over the road but the evening commenced with happy Hour at ours. I made some cocktails and we had a fun couple of hours.

Wendie (in the hat) is a great amateur dramatic fan so the hat provided a could prop for many hours of entertainment.

After 10 years of the same spring like curtains I often talk about....

I decided on a change........

We visited a few neighbours homes (we had been invited) and got to bed quite late.

This morning Jon made us bacon sandwiches for breakfast and we have sufficient nibbles and party food for later.

I have a week to clear and prepare the porch as we have had a huge leak on the roof. As we don't tend to use the porch a great deal, chosing to use the kitchen door as an entrance, we were blissfully unaware of the rainwater coming in from the flat roof extension. About 5 months ago the local roofer "patched up" the corroded felt but after the heavy rain a more permanent solution was needed, so he replaced it all but now we have to have the ceiling repaired, possibly replaced. We will know when the decorator comes next Monday. The carpet needs replacing so we are replacing the hall carpet too. Once everything is finished, together with some additional storage we will use the porch as the main entrance. Currently a pale yellow I am once again exploring the world of bold colours and going for a grey theme - dark grey. The carpet, currently beige will also be this space!


  1. Oh my! By the time I come a'visiting, it will look like a brand new house/home! Looking forward to seeing it - and you, of course! lol Glad you had a great New Year's celebration - I did, too.

  2. Can't help noticing that not far behind that husband of yours making the bacon sandwiches (yum) there is a nose and two prick-up ears watching and waiting for any spare scraps. Happy new year to you both.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening and start to the New Year! (well, except for the leaky roof, and all the replacements needed...but the new year is a time of new ... on with the show!)

  4. I think someone else is waiting for their breakfast too. Wishing you all the best for 2016.

  5. What a nice way to spend New Years eve. We have had water coming in this Christmas through our wall that faces the moors which has had some horrendous and continuous driving rain. So now we have to get the wall sorted out before the decorating can begin. Look forward to seeing your new porch. Happy 2016.

  6. Happy New Year and good luck with all your planning.
    Maggie x


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