Thursday, August 20

F is for faffing about and fund raising.

Last Friday we had a scarecrow making night at the village hall. The night was intended to give people an idea for making their own scarecrow for our village scarecrow festival.
Each group made a different part of the scarecrow then me joined them all together.

We made the scarecrow in about 20 minutes - people went away feeling it was something they could manage - which is what we wanted.

Tonight 4 members of the committee are meeting up for a brainstorm session - watch this space!

ABC Wednesday (late) F


  1. It seems to me Denise that there is a lot going on in your village and you have a helping hand in a lot of it.
    Pleased to hear in your reply on my blog that those two geraniums are both doing well.

  2. What FUN!!! Wish I could see the Finished scarecrows in the Fields! Be sure to post some photos then.

    abcw team

  3. I just love your village and how everyone joins in the fun.
    You certainly rally everybody to get in there and do something.


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