Sunday, September 21


The view from the snug window from my previous post remains the same.
We have had a drizzly foggy week.
We go to the beach every morning and give the dogs a good hours run.
Bing loves the sea and Sadie is gaining more confidence paddling in the water.

Yesterday I set to and organised our wardrobe -
 the summer clothes are now moved and the warmer jumpers etc. are now in their place.
Today, returning from the beach I have begun to sort out the second bedroom
 ready for our next project.
The room needs to be cleared, stripped, plastered and decorated.
Whilst it will double up as a spare bedroom it will have a multi-task as it will be where I
store my craft and sewing materials - it will be an interesting project.
It would be sensible to prepare the 3rd bedroom at the same time.
These are the only remaining rooms which have not been re-plastered since we moved here -
23 years ago, so we haven't rushed into it by any means.
I already have the curtains for both rooms, underlay for the second bedroom so the colours are already sorted.
I just need to get on with the de-cluttering.
I am making up a lovely box of all crafty oddments for a friends daughter who loves to make things.
Looking forward - it will be nice for everything to be done by Christmas.
I will see the plasterer and get an idea of timing - then I will work out a timetable.
Like all projects we put off there comes a time when it's so right to do it -
Today was such a time - I am on it! Like a car bonnet so the saying goes!
Watch this space!


  1. Good luck with making your craft room. It will be worth the effort. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Hard to think of Bing as that tiny little puppy now!

  3. You're filled with such energy and bright ideas!
    Good for you!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. You are ahead of me in putting away the summer gear and getting out the woollies Denise. It must wait until our friends have been and gone this week.

  5. Steeling myself up to renovate the main'll be a big job,but at least I've chosen the flooring!
    Jane x

  6. I got fed up with the drizzle and fog this week. Nice to see the sun today. Lovely to see the dogs playing in the sea.

  7. It will be nice to have a dual purpose room in time to use in the cooler weather.
    I'm trying to get my little bedroom sorted so that I can clear he craft stuff from the living room. Although there will be the odd basket/box of hand sewing or jewellery making stuff thee.
    Good luck, hope it's done in record time! xxx
    P.S I've still to do my bathroom.........wallpaper is off, just a million holes and cracks to fill in!

  8. Good luck with the decluttering - we are on with a similar project at the moment - I must say I love the space it creates - but I hate throwing out stuff that I bought thinking I had a need for it at the time!!

  9. hahahahaaha... no putting away any clothes for us desert dwellers.
    We just look in the sock drawer, find the basket of scarves and gloves and break out the sweaters. Umbrellas are always by the door.
    I have two "winter" jackets that I have not worn since I moved back.

    cheers, parsnip


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