Wednesday, July 16

Keeping busy.

Thank you for the many comments, they really did make me feel a lot better. It is comforting to know there are others who understand.

Last Friday whilst out shopping I noticed a noise coming from the front of my car - a sort of mechanical noise. To cut a long story short - it was the clutch. The car is now at the garage awaiting a day on the ramp to discover the nature and subsequent fixing of the problem.

The outcome of this means I am without transport as we have no bus service in our village. Jon uses the van for the business and whilst my neighbours would not see me stuck I am making the most of the situation. The dogs have not missed their beach fun as we have been taking them in the van. My shopping routine has changed and I made a weekly visit rather than daily top ups and will do an online shop for delivery later this week.

Today the weather has cooled down, so I decided to take 20 photos around the garden of jobs I need to do over the next few days. No pressure on myself whatsoever - I will tackle as I go along, but I thought this would be a good way to organise my tasks.

So here are the this space for the afters.


  1. glad it's not just me who has all these scary corners LOL
    I entered my friends garden for best kept garden, so we are frantically tidying her corners!

    1. These are just a few of them Kath! It's raining so action halted!

  2. So very sorry to read about your clutch - I had that problem last month, and it is not cheap!! I hope you are truly feeling brighter than in your previous post. When I get anxious about 'daunting tasks' I tell myself [a] I survived childbirth twice [b] I am nearly 60, but I still climb on the pillion and we roar off into the sunset together - and many women would never dream of doing such things. You are brighter and braver than you give yourself credit for! And I love reading your blog xx

  3. i think that breaking the jobs up and making a list is a good idea as you can tick them off as you do them and gain satisfaction from doing each task. before you know it you'll have done them all. good luck with them.

  4. We have a list of garden/house maintenance jobs that we hoped to get to,but for a variety of reasons,it's just not happening.It'll get done,when it gets done.
    Jane x

  5. I like this idea! I'm a great one for lists but taking photo's might make me do something about my lists!

  6. Glad you're feeling brighter Denise.xx
    Don't worry about your clutch, it's only a car and fixable, whereas the frailty of the human mind sometimes takes more careful fixing.......
    It seems that you're going about it in the right way .
    I do most of my food shopping on-line as it's so difficult shopping in a wheel chair. Using my motorised chair, is even worse as people just walk in front of you forcing a sudden stop or imminent collision.
    Take care, love to all the pets and the biggest pet, Jon.. lol Di..xx

    I'm a great believer in making lists and try to prioritise tasks....doing the one I least like first

  7. Love the photos! I'm afraid that's probably as far as I'd get in tackling the jobs . . .

  8. You can't do anything that the chickens don't know about LOL! I see in your pics they are looking to see if there's anything to eat....and I used to think I was 'food-led'!
    Looks like a big list Denise! But then your garden is a lot bigger than mine!
    Love ticking them off the list though, makes you feel good.

  9. The word 'anxiety' jumped right off the page. Think I can relate to what you have been saying over the last few posts. Love your garden and the spirit of tackling difficulties you express here. Give yourself a pat on the deserve it! PS Thanks for the tip of taking photos of jobs that need doing. Great idea!

  10. Good idea Denise. Each time you complete a task and take an 'after' picture, you will feel a sense of satisfaction.
    I do all my grocery shopping on line as I can no longer carry it - I just top up on our Friday market

  11. I love the colour of that blue fence. You have great colour sense. I saw an article recently and immediately thought of you.. it was on a trendy designer blog, all about hallways. Almost every one was grey!

  12. That's a great way to organise your to do list. It will be good to compare the photos with the after shots.

  13. I love the blue and white of your house. Also the lush greenery everywhere and the happiness of your free range hens!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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