Wednesday, August 28

G is for Goulash.

For some time now I have been collecting and experimenting with recipes which have been influential in my weight loss. I have bits of paper, references, magazines and articles in most drawers, so I have decided to keep them all in one place here.

Appropriate for G!

Hope you enjoy your visit - the first day so to speak.

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  1. The goulash looks really delicious, I love goulash. It will soon be cooler weather for a bit pot of it. I love your other blog of recipes. Is there a way to subscribe to it?

  2. looks yummy, will have to try that one. Amanda x

  3. G is for Great Results for you and your diet, Denise. You've done so well, and so many of us are proud of you.

  4. Clever idea to gather your favourite 'tried and tested' in one place. The web is a great place for finding recipes for specific ingredients.

  5. If the shipping weren't so dear, I'd let you send me some!

  6. Love the idea of your new place - have to say I really like the 1996 photo! ;) (Thinks it's '96, with the tray) Mo


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