Tuesday, August 20

Food and Fun!

Yellow tomatoes are my ABSOLUTE favourite type of tomatoes...a particular favoured breakfast is microwaved or grilled yellow tomatoes with laughing cow cheese on toast.

One of my all time teas is a simple egg and chips. A neighbour gave me some lovely fresh potatoes so I chipped them and cooked in the oven, a Slimming World method. Eggs - lightly stirred and microwaved for 75 seconds. Put  both ingredients together result...FABULOUS!

Same egg recipe but on toast!

At the weekend when I was walking Bing on the beach one of the fishermen gave me a lobster...cooked I hasten to add. I had never used a lobster before so after some googling I came across this recipe... We had it as a starter but I modified the recipe quite a lot. I felt the paprika was too overpowering - I added cumin and lots of black pepper.

Main course was Fillet Steak, our favourite.

On Saturday and Sunday we were out tootling on the motorbike - the CB1300. We went to friends  on Saturday, getting slightly wet in the process and Sunday we tootled over the moors to Fridaythorpe just outside Norton near Malton, returning home via Stamford Bridge and Caste Howard, stopping for an ice-cream nearer home.


 Good Fun and Good Food I would say!

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  1. Now, just wondering, but did John shove that whole cone into his mouth all at once? LOL Those egg recipes remind me of your fabulous eggs! Delicious...

    abcw team

  2. Great food and fun indeed. It looks fabulously delicious!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  3. The laughing cow cheese with tomatoes on toast sound heavenly!!!!!Eggs is my hubbys favorite fool of ALL!!

  4. Good food, good fun and looks like 'Fridaythrope' is a good place to be on a weekend!! A really neat place!!

  5. Scrambled egg on toast - my favourite!

  6. Looks tasty! that's a FACT!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Another egg lover here, I could just tuck into that third photo.

  8. All the food looked tasty as can be, now I am going to add an egg atop my caprese salad for dinner this evening.
    Thank you for using the word "Tootle" in print, it is one of my favorite speeds of travel and always associated with fun!
    Also the use of it annoys my daughter as a bonus!

  9. Fabulous food and what a fun-filled day for you!

  10. The egg dishes sound and look wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. hmmmm...I live in New England and would never think of putting all that stuff on a lobster. We just boil them and eat them dipped in butter. Sometimes we stuff them and bake them, or we make a lobster roll.

  12. Whoa the Food looks niceeeeeee.. Late visit but beter late than never what? :)

    ABCW Team

  13. Oh yes. Food is always fun. I'm hungry now!

    Suzy at SomedaySomewhere


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