Thursday, June 21

RIP Margie Nesbitt


Whilst we were away in the Isle of Man Margie had an off day. Our neighbour was looking after the hens and on one particular day Margie hadn't wanted to leave the henhouse.
The next morning she was dead, having passed away in her sleep.
Needless to say poor Emma was beside herself but I pointed out all our hens have a good life and it was just one of those things.
Margie was buried under the cherry blossom tree on the farm belonging to Emma's partner's parents.
A fitting gesture for a happy little soul.


  1. Such a pretty fluffy baby...
    Sorry to hear the sad news.

  2. Ah. bless. Commiserations. x

  3. Do hope she died of old age Denise.

  4. Oh thats a shame & she was sharing my name too. She was so lovely.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. It's hard to say goodbye even when they make a peaceful exit. x

  6. Oh sorry to hear that, she did have a lovely life with you, glad she was peaceful.

  7. It is good to reflect on the quality of life we can give our chucks...

  8. I am sorry about the passing of this little lady. RIP, Margie.

  9. RIP Margie, sorry to hear about her :(

  10. I'm so sorry that Margie died while you were away and how upsetting for your friend.
    RIP Margie


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