Tuesday, April 3

L is for Lengths

After a great few days around and about life is now back to as normal as life can ever be in the Nesbitt household. Hubby is busy at work and I am continuing with my quest to shed some more weight, ready for my new bike leathers.
My fitness regime commences each morning at 9.30 when I go for a 2 mile walk with Freida, together with my neighbour. To walk to the farm and back is exactly 2 miles. On a good day we may do it twice, covering 4 miles often we do a 3 mile version, but certainly each morning we always do 2 miles. If Anne isn't free, Freida and I do the walk and talk the talk. I must say the time and distance does fly by - when I have Anne to talk to. The distance is over the farm lane and it is good to see the horses - feeding at that time of the morning - so they rarely come to the fence.

Once home I get ready for the gym, a short car journey away. I do not enjoy the gym - I find it boring and very tedious. I have an exercise programme which involves the rowing machine, jogging machine, cycle and a couple of others which I may or may not use depending on if I can be bothered how I am feeling. I usually spend just under an hour in the gym before making my way to the swimming pool.

 I enjoy swimming - the pool is partitioned off into 3 sections, slow medium and fast. I stay in the slow section and try to do 32 lengths each time I visit - a distance of half a mile. The best part of the session for me, is the hot shower - then I know my gruelling morning keep fit regime is over, home for my boiled eggs!
Well, call me LOOPY but I have signed up for the Big Splash for Comic Relief!
I was LURED into the decision by an advertisement on TV! I found myself saying to Jon, "I am going to do it!" and before you knew it I had registered and signed up for this event, in an effort to raise funds for causes organised by both Comic Relief and the Marie Curie Cancer charity.

I have a couple more weeks left to train up for this event, so watch this space.

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  1. Wow Denise, I am uttterly stunned at this fitness regime of yours, I doubt I would ever last the course - good on you, Chuck - way to go! I hope I'll still recognise you when you and Jon come to call? Btw, is it Jon's birthday on your trip over?

  2. Oops, forgot to mention how much I love your new header!

  3. Shrinky - thanks yes the header is fab - thanks to Bob's mum Helena - a card specially made for us - wow eh! Yes we are over for Jon's birthday (2nd) AND our wedding anniversary on 3rd! Double celebrations - hope you & Al join us???????

  4. Well, Mrs Nesbitt, you put me to shame! Of course I have lots of reasons why I could never do such a regime, particularly my bad back with 3 fusions and 7 screws holding it together. But once it stops raining, I must get out walking. I must say, though, that I did try the exercises at the Rec Center but it made my back hurt quite badly. So slow and easy it is for me but I'll be rooting for you!

    abcw team

  5. I think I would find swimming laps to be more boring than using all those other neat machines. But then, I find that boring, too. (or so I tell myself as an excuse...)

  6. I need someone to put the stationary bike together.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Denise, I'm exhausted just reading about all you do!!

  8. Just reading this post makes me feel like going back to bed. ;) Well done you and good luck with the Big Splash.

  9. I feel rather ashamed, I sat at my computer for 2 days of my holidays.

  10. I am exhausted and awed with and by your exercise schedule. WOW - impressive. I just do the gym a few times a week (for an hour and a half each - IF I can) and then living in New York City do a lot of walking. I do the gym and like it only after I've finished. It must be that endorphine rush. Good luck though, sounds great and I wish you lots of luck!

  11. Wow, very inspiring Denise!

    Littlest Petshop
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  12. Hope you make a Big Splash at the Big Splash. :-)

  13. I pray to lose but do not metabolism?

  14. I wish I had your stamina and willpower! I start off with good intentions but always fall by the wayside...


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