Thursday, April 12



  1. This is what I love about the countryside; it's so peaceful, yet it's so full of life.

    CJ x

    1. Agree there CJ - nothing beats a quiet walk to start the day - I get my plans sorted!

  2. Why do I now feel hungry?
    So very pretty....views and the horses!
    Jane x

    1. Talking of hungry - tea soon! lol!

  3. Lovely !
    What a lovely walk you get to do every morning. Looks chilly, was it ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Aye parsnip - still chilly! Reckon we'll have the Rayburn on for another month at least!

  5. This just made me say Ahhhhh....
    How peaceful.
    A theraputic morning with the birds singing and the horses chomping.
    Here I sit looking at the rain cascading off my roof and the puddles growing into little lakes in my yard.
    All the Spring blossoms are being beaten off the trees....Happy April.
    We sure need the rain but my goodness it doesn't have to come all in one Flood!

  6. I must admit I was rather baffled when the picasa logo came up on my blog reader, looking like the sort of plastic puzzle you get in a chrsitmas stocking. I thought what's she up to now LOL
    Then I came over and realised it was a little movie! How lovely it was too.

  7. I always love to hear the sound of happy munching from contented animals.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Had you eaten yours already or go in to have it? Looks so peaceful there - if I lived in a place like that, I'd probably go out for a walk, too. Here, it's just houses and more houses and traffic!


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