Tuesday, December 6

U is for Underlay

Nimbus Cloud 9 underlay to be precise!
It is very fortunate having a close friend who is a carpet fitter! Some years ago our friend Spud (Martin) told us about this gem of an underlay. Without a doubt it is like "Walking on air" (cue song!) and really makes any carpet feel luxurious under the feet.
Our underlay arrived today - now awaiting the carpet.
Today (Tuesday) the lounge will have the final tidy up and de-clutter ready for Wednesday's arrival of the decorator, Steve. He will be here Thursday as well..........
then it will be time to call Spud - he is waiting in the wings, Stanley knife poised ready to come in and work his magic.
By the weekend the carpet will be down, the room completed.
Nobody guessed the colour.........not even close!

Any ideas?
Watch this space!

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  1. No idea...but unduly excited to find out!

  2. I am now having another guess - deep red.

  3. Leslie
    Next week dear - all will be revealed!


  4. Good tip about the underlay, all our bedrooms stairs and landing need doing, but that will have to wait.
    It's like opening an advent calendar watching your makeover LOL

  5. never know when you'll need a good underlayer.

  6. I love carpet, and underlay or underwear, it is all necessary somehow or another. Could it be green carpet?

  7. Ok...beige with sage green ferns on it?
    Jane x

  8. I cannot add to this because I already know,all Im going to say is loverly.Love Jill xx

  9. Oh, I'm getting really excited. I'm thinking the color is a pale teal or lite robin's egg blue. What fun!

  10. Thanks for the tips Denise. I am thinking beige?

    U is for Umbrella, please come and see. Thanks!

  11. Oh, perlease put us out of our misery!
    Jane x

  12. Exciting and you'll be all done for Christmas.
    (By the way, which photo would you like?)
    I reckon your carpet is purple:-)

  13. Denise, you are having just too much fun with the color of carpet! But all your hard work deserves some respite!
    ABC TEam


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