Friday, October 23

Wilma is Home!

We had to go to the vets at 3.30pm Thursday to discuss Wilma's condition with the vet.
The x-ray he showed us showed the pin which had been inserted on Wilma's right hip and the arthritic left hip.

We have to ensure Wilma does not jump up and displace the pinned hip in any way so the next 4 weeks are to be a time of complete rest for Wilma. What she shouldn't do is to put all her weight on the newly pinned hip.

In order for Wilma to receive the rest and peace she needs we are on 24/7 care. We will not be leaving her, one of us will be with her all of the time, sleeping downstairsso she does not try and climb the stairs.

Wilma is also on a number of pain killers, anti-biotics and sedatives.

We let her out to have a twinkle last night and were really pleased to see her walking in a way which the vet wanted to see.

We are so so proud of our little fighter!


  1. Great news! Here's to a speedy recover for Wilma! And a good night's rest for you.

  2. Really pleased you have her back home - Wilma's a brave girl indeed, and with you two as carers she's also a very lucky and loved girl, she'll understand this and that's why she'll heal quicker.

    Very happy for you.

  3. Good old Wilma!!Extra cuddle from Aunty Kath XX

  4. What a relief for you all. Wilma must be so pleased to be back on her own patch. Fingers crossed that all proceeds as required. Four weeks will soon pass.

  5. Wilma had a peaceful night, I slept on settee next to her and all seemed well. This morning I let her out for morning business and again I was pleased to see she did not put anyweight on her pinned hip, instead she tried to walk on her arthritic side, all good news. Although I ground her tablets up into a fine powder and added it to her dog food she didn't seem keen. I had a tin of corned beef in so I cut it into cubes and pushed a tablet into each chunk...success! She is now sleeping at my feet, resting on the prefered side.

  6. All my sympathy for the three of you!!! I hope Wilma has a speedy recovery and I can see that she is in competent hands.

  7. Hugs to Wilma, and to you two also.

  8. Sending good healing vibes her way!

  9. Oh dear,
    I am so sorry to read of Wilma's accident.
    Just catching up on fav blogs as we've been on holiday in Spain.
    Poor Wilma and I'm so glad she's making such a good recovery.
    We used to have an Alsation called Victor so I like to read about Wilma's daily doings.
    Not excluding Joe and the hens...An egg at last...marvellous!


  10. I am glad that Wilma is home. Like us, I think animals do better in their own homes and comfort.

  11. Très contente que Wilma aille meiux !
    Je souhaite qu'elle se rétablisse vite +++

  12. I'm so proud of the fighter's parents . so many owner just give up and put the animal to sleep..Not you you know her strength and yours.blessings all.You know how important life is to her..!! Love across the seas !Sandy


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