Sunday, October 4

Aga Time!

Our Kitchen!

Today we lit the Aga, a sure sign that summer has well and truly passed and time to accept that Autumn is here. Although the sun is shining there is a definate nip in the air and night times are particularly cold.

We went out on the motorbike today, initially to Whitby for lunch we both commented how cooler everything seemed to be and given the choice of riding over to pickering or returning home to light the Aga, we chose the second!

And so........there are jobs to be done as we get ready to prepare the garden for it's annual sleep!

This is my list.....
2 apple trees need harvesting so the chutney recipes will be coming out! We are planning a wonderful pie & peas evening for when our friends Dorothy and Keith visit in December, so as they are both fans of my chutneys I will make sure they are not disappointed. I also plan to pickle some onions and make some picallilli! Mmmmmmmmmmmm hungry all ready!

The henhouse although adequate right now needs to be replaced by an improved warmer one, so the shed next to the henhouse needs sorting. The broken windows need replacing and some additional bits and bobs need dealing with.

The hen's enclosure needs further securing as I have noticed Little Eva has found a way out a couple of times!

We have some wooden floorboards left over from the stable demolition which need chopping up into sticks for firewood.

Ofcourse one major change will be the clothes I wear. Good warm practical stuff is required for the coming months and my faithful boots will be once again strutting their stuff!

This will keep me busy as well as the other activities which make up our everyday life here in the Nesbitt household. Wilma needs her daily extensive walk too!


  1. You certainly have a lot on your "to-do" list! I was hungry after reading of the chutney and picalli!

  2. That is quite a to do list. I like the visual you paint of your environment. Preparing for the cold is a big chore.

  3. I am more than just a teeny bit jealous of your Aga. I just love the look of them and instantly feel cosy when I see a pic of one! Lots of jobs to do here as well (especially as 15 chicks have hatched!) - keeps us out of mischief I guess ;-)

  4. I've never seen an aga in real life an in fotoes it yewzerly haz cats arownd it an at leest wun sheep dog sumware wiv sum wet wellies neerby.

    Duzz Joe like it?


  5. I guess the seasons are changing. It will take a few more weeks till we start seeing changes here in No. California. Your chutney sounds delicious.

  6. I loved the french window aND WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT WORKING..SANDY


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