Sunday, November 13


TIME IS PRECIOUS - midst our busy lives it is good to blow away the cobwebs and have TIME out when the TIDE is out. Due to the tide situation we ventured to Redcar yesterday and had a lovely time on the beach. Busy as usual but nice to take a few hours ot. Jon is busy at work - this week for me.....Soup for 30+ tomorrow......sponge pud & custard, fruit flan or trifle for desert!A couple of meetings regarding village life and a session on Saturday in our library for children to write their letters to Santa and for parents to buy tickets to see the man in red. We're having a visit to a recycling workshop to make christmas table decorations to sell at our Christmas Coffee Morning/Santa's vist - 26th November! Watch this space.


  1. Some wonderful doggie pictures there.... looking quite dramatic against the sand dunes. Lovely.
    Maggie x

  2. Your recycling workshop sounds interesting. I hope you'll blog about it more.

  3. I'll bet that beach walk did blow away the cobwebs. Suddenly it feels like autumn going on winter. And it happened so quickly :(

  4. Wow what fun at the beach !
    Your weeks sound busy but filled with lots of good stuff.
    Be sure to post some photos of the workshop

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Nice to see Redcar in the posts. The dogs are gorgeous!

  6. Great beach and lovely dog photos.
    Keep on blogging I always read yours.

  7. I remember charging up and down that 1957!!

  8. Oh my favorite place ~ the beach and 'off leash' ~ beautiful shots! thanks.

  9. I wish I had a nearby beach where dogs were allowed to run free! I know Tegan would have such a grand time, just like your two! Sounds like life is busy busy busy with village life for you. Sounds like an amazing fun time there!

    abcw team

  10. T is for Time most of all..essentially!
    Great post Mrs. Nesbitt:)

  11. You are so right. It flies away most of the time without many people even noticing it. so sad actually.

    Have a nice ABC-day / - Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-team)

  12. Love the drama of the dogs enjoying every minute.

  13. TIME may be THE most precious commodity



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