Wednesday, November 18

S is for seasonal.

I go to a pottery class every Tuesday - a few weeks ago I started preparing my Christmas project - tree decorations. I am selling these at our Christmas Coffee Morningon 28th November. As I was making them yesterday my friends in the pottery group were buying them. I have another batch which I have glazed waiting to be fired, ready for next Tuesday's class when I will add decorations and embellishments. Planning in advance is the key - so in January I will be planning for February - a Valentine theme I think.

Like any crafter I have a stash of bits and bobs. I have piles of blank labels so I am making gift tags, again to be sold next Saturday.

Busy all the way - I have a supply of card & paper arriving today for a wedding commission I want to deliver before the end of November, so a quiet day should see me get this underway, then it will be a case of clearing the decks and having a day with the picallili, pickled onions and pickled egg preparation for 28th.

We are kicking off the weekend with a wreath making session on 27th in our village hall. I think about 20 are coming - lunch (my home made soup) afresh bun from our local baker and all materials provided £10 per person - a good price I think. This is the wreath we will be making....

So......back to the grindstone next time it ill be T for this space.

S - my ABC Wednesday contribution - floow the link in the right column to see more fun posts.


  1. Denise, you really do work hard for your village - I do hope they appreciate yuou.

  2. Wow Denise... how beautiful of you to take part in it. I did in the past to so i know how much work it is... and still find the time to participate ;-)
    I wish you lots of fun with it!

    Have a nice abc-day/- week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc.-w-team)

  3. You have been busy. Love the potteryndecoratins :) Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  4. What wonderful decorations and I love the tags.The sparkly dots around the lovely pictures are just perfect.
    Like Weaver I hope the Village appreciates you.
    But isn't it great to have something to plan and keep you busy.
    How are your chickens ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. You've been busy, Denise! Lovely decorations and tags and what a great way to use up odds and sods!

    abcw team

  6. Is there no end to your talents Denise ? SUCH a talented lady.
    I'm sure the villagers appreciate your efforts., It's time you had an honour conferred upon you.
    How about Lady Denise Nesbitt The Mayoress of Liverton,.........There sorted !
    Love Di xx
    PS How are all the pets? Not heard much of late ! xx

  7. I love your crafts - the gift tags and the tree decorations as also the wreath - beautiful.

  8. You are doing some lovely things. and seem to be in a Christmasy mood! Good for you.
    I will be getting my knitted Nativity set out as usual next month!
    Maggie x

  9. I hope your sale was successful the tree decorations are pretty, I hope the wreath making went well.

  10. You certainly keep busy, and are a true asset to your community!


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