Tuesday, July 21

Bev and pals.

Our hens love the company of humans - this photo was only taken a couple of weeks ago, sadly we have lost Olwyn, pictured here on the right.
As you will recall we lost Eva a short while ago which I wrote about here and then there was the attack on Bev, which I wrote about here.
We had no idea what had attacked the hens but to our horror we found out on Sunday evening.
We were sitting in the lounge when through the window as quick as a flash we saw a movement in the garden. Bev scattered away but Olwyn fell victim to next door's dog. We flew outside - the dog disappeared as quickly as he had arrived - through a gap in the metal fencing between the two properties. It had all proved too much for Olwyn who had staggered behind the greenhouse, but as Jon picked her up she died in his arms.
Hens often die of shock and whilst her suffering was short it proved too much for her.
The very awkward matter however is we had to speak to our neighbour - Robbie, who I have known from when he was 12. We are very close and ironically I let their dogs out for a run whilst Robbie and Emma his partner are at work. Emma looks after my hens when we go away.
We went round and spoke to Robbie (Emma was away.) I left Jon with Robbie, investigating their fence, returning home to ensure Bev and Mabel were okay. As it happens they were fine. I ushered them into their shed and dealt with Olwyn.
Of course I blamed myself for not getting the hens in sooner - but it was a nice night and they do enjoy a wander round the garden pond at that time, catching any flies hovering above the water.
We were both upset.
Yesterday morning on his way to work Robbie called round. He was  noticeably upset and said how badly he felt about everything. He offered to buy me some more hens but I explained our 2 Bev and Olwyn are 5 and any new hens would be a major issue and would be best just left together.
Allowing our hens to be totally free range has it's drawbacks - but we wouldn't have it any other way. Robbie has fixed the fence and we all carry on as normal.
Olwyn did have a limp but managed to live as normal - always keeping up with the others.
Bev and Mabel developed a close bond when they both had their broody moment a few years ago, which I wrote about here so they will be just fine together.

So now we know what has been attacking our hens - it was right under our noses and we didn't suspect it for one minute.

Life is getting back to normal here in the Nesbitt household.
B - Bev and pals ABC Wednesday.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Olwyn and your culprit, just so sad it was a close source. Sometimes these are awkward moments having to deal with neighbours but it sounds like things are getting back to normal (not wanting to sound like its just vanished, pets are pets be it a hen, fish, cat or dog)My sister keeps hens and she lost her first three, very sad as they are such good companions following her around her garden.

  2. How sad. Sorry to hear about poor Olywn. At least you know who the predator is now and the situation has hopefully been resolved. Just not very nice for you all to witness and for poor Olwyn of course.

  3. So sorry to read this Denise, you and Jon must be heart broken. Your poor neighbours too as you seem to
    be such good friends with them , I'm glad things are back to normal again,
    I didn't realise that hens are such complicated little creatures..
    I still maintain you should get another goose, perhaps a gander, maybe she could lay you a golden egg?
    If you had a goose it would protect your hens and sort the errant dog out from next door.
    Still, I am very sorry about your loss, I feel privileged to have met all of the 'Gals' and the dear little Bantam, Ernest,
    love Di.
    ABCW team.

  4. Ahh how sad ! Just last week we had a dog-guest who got attacked by a neighbours dog, after a visit to the vet, some stiches and injections later we could take him home but he was shattered with fright. .... i was so upset, didn't sleep the night that followed.

    I hope your hens will be okay and stay that for a long time.

    Have a nice evening.

  5. Oh this is so sad. Especially since it was a nice neighbors dog.
    You know how much I so enjoy hearing about your chickens. And I have always loved Olwyn's name.
    So you will have to really check the fence to see if it is high enough and strong.
    Plus some sort of plantings that have thorns that will help stop him.
    I think like cats when dogs get excited by the attack and the flutter of wings they will always go back.
    So sad.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. So sorry to hear about your chickens. xx

  7. Well, that's a sad tale, but you were very understanding.


  8. Oh Denise, so very sorry to hear about Olwyn. x

  9. Oh dear! Thankfully, you discovered the culprit and the neighbour was very understanding and horror-stricken. .The fence is fixed and I'm sure he'll be checking the entire perimeter more frequently now. Hope otherwise you and Jon are well.

    abcw team

  10. Sad story, - they will find comfort in each other....

  11. Oh so sorry to hear that. My mama always used to say that if a dog got a taste of chicken blood you could never let him near the coop again.

  12. a facebook friend wrote about her new job in a farm, and her hen was bitten by a dog. She wasn't to save it, and someone told her to put it our of misery.

  13. How horrible for everyone concerned and what a shock. I always assumed it was a fox.

  14. Beautiful birds - I miss having hens and fresh eggs.
    Please come link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/07/bug-eyes.html

  15. Oh noooo! I'm so sorry.
    What a tricky situation for everyone, as your neighbours are obviously nice people. At least you know now and can take action to prevent the other two from coming to harm.
    Not sure how long hens live but maybe it's the right thing to do to start with a whole new batch at a later date.
    Maggie x


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