Sunday, May 24

Nolon Stacey

Life seems to have been quite hectic of late and as we prepare for our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man there are jobs to be done and plans to be made, hence my absence from blogland.

A couple of weeks ago we went out for a tootle on the motorbike, initially heading in the Malton direction. However it was quite cold and we decided to go to Thornton le Dale instead as it is nearer.
We called into the gallery where we buy quite a lot of pictures. The new owner knows I am keen on hare pictures and showed me some work by Nolon Stacey, absolutely stunning! The 4 below are my favourites as they depict the hare in motion. Birthday is next month so I know what will be on my list.


  1. These are wonderful pictures Denise, so lifelike!
    Have a good trip.

  2. Must be wonderful to be able to draw like that. I wonder how long he took to do each.

  3. Stunning pictures Denise, I do hope the 'birthday fairy' is kind to you xx

    Di xx

  4. Oh how gorgeous are these? So life-like!
    Which one will you go for or is it the full set? xxx

  5. Could you give me some details of that gallery Denise - as you may remember I too collect hare pictures,
    cards, statues etc.
    We thought of you and John on Sunday when we stayed overnight at The White Hart in Lincoln on our way back from our holiday in Suffolk. There was an enormous Harley Davidson Fest in Lincoln with bikers from all over the world. Huge camping ground on the Lincolnshire Show Ground and most of the hotels full. Luckily we had booked in some time ago.

  6. Wonderful !
    Just saw an exhibition of the Tucson Colored Pencil Artist Association
    Outstanding views of the Sonoran Desert.

    cheers, parsnip


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