Tuesday, February 10

Eat well for less.

On Saturday we had a roast lamb dinner with a selection of vegetables.
 I experimented with a sauce 1 bramley apple, 1 onion half a de-seeded red pepper roasted together.
Made up half a pint of stock then blitzed and added more water.
As this was an experiment I made a standard gravy too.
Sunday - the left over roasted vegetables.
 I finely chopped this and left to one side.
I then beat an egg and stirred into the chopped veg.
I made up a packet of super rice and stirred it into the mixed veg mixture.
Placed 3 red pepper skins into a roasting bag and cooked for 15 minutes.
I then stuffed the peppers with the rice/veg mixture and cooked for 30 minutes in oven.
In a pan I placed the left over lamb, some extra onions and poured in the rest of the experimental sauce. I added curry powder, cumin and some dried chilli flakes.
I served the curry with the stuffed peppers - gorgeous.
I sliced the peppers so we had 6 portions in all.
The following night there was sufficient for 2 more portions.
The lamb cost £12.50 and we got 3 evening meals from it.
I am particularly pleased as I made this recipe from scratch with ingredients we had in.


  1. It looks very tasty. Very creative thinking.

  2. I love to conjoure up something delicious with leftovers. Tonight I will be having (leftover) vegetable crumble. I don't eat meat, but I would try your stuffed peppers, they look lovely.

  3. I'm doing that with chili from last night, I will serve it over baked potatoes. Your stuffed peppers look yummy.

  4. It's wonderful to reach the stage in life and cookery where you can create such a delicious meal out of whatever is left over or in the pantry.

  5. it all looks quite delicious


  6. Your cooking inventions get better by the week Denise - it is a case of fortune favours the prepared mind I think. They all sound delicious - sadly we neither of us care for curry.

  7. Love the lamb dish! But in California lamb is more expensive ...

  8. well done you, always good to make things stretch.

  9. Looks good! Great idea to use microwave rice with left-over veg as the filling for the peppers.

    I often make a gravy using some chicken stock (or whatever meat is appropriate) in which I cook a mixture of vegetables with some herbs and a bit of tomato paste. Wine is an optional extra, but it adds a nice depth of flavour. If you start it off twenty minutes before your estimated eating time using root veg, and add the softer ones in as cooking progresses (things like sliced courgettes would be added when it was nearly done, for instance), when the main part of the meal is ready you can thicken it with a little cornflour and you have a nice gravy and extra-tasty veg to go with it. You can spoon it out all together, or strain it and serve separately!

    By the way, I have a new blog - it was Jay from the Depp Effect, but now it's Jay from The Sparking Synapse!


Thank you for your comments, always nice to know somebody has taken the time to let me know what they think.