Tuesday, October 8


For a change from the daily beach expedition a couple of friends and I went for a good old "blow the cobwebs away" walk to Runswick Bay.

I parked in Runswick Bay and we went across the old railway track. The views were quite magnificent.

Bing was in his element.

Once we had passed the old station he enjoyed running around the old tracks.


He had a new companion for the day, Lola.

As we walked along the track we could see the bay.

Further on, the coastal view of the surrounding moorland.

Frances grew up in the area and knows all the walks - we will be going on more of these walks in the future.

I picked some elderberries for the gals. Eva, Olwyn and Mabel are moulting at the moment so have stopped laying eggs.
 Bev however still gives us our daily blue egg.
It is evident from the amount of feathers in the henhouse that the others are moulting.
Not one black feather!
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  1. What beautiful scenery, Denise.
    I love the photos of Bing...tongue hanging out in anticipation...his new friend Lola following him along, because she can't keep up with his long legs.
    Back home, you're right, not a black feather in the lot, so you'll have an egg a day until Bev starts to moult, and hopefully one of the other girls will be finished by then and laying again.

  2. Beautiful pictures... a walk here sounds like a good idea.. the wide open greens.. Lovely.

  3. Nice surroundings for a magical day of meandering!

    abcw team

  4. You live in such an amazing place to meander.
    I would love to do that too.

  5. What a beautiful area.
    I love Lola, I know it is Bing's tail but it looks like her tail so she looks like a little fox following Bing.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Thanks for the wonderful hike, Denise!
    Have a great sunny week.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  7. Nice piece.
    Oh, and great intro this week!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Oh your walk looks lovely...I wish I could join you but will have to suffice with the photos. Enjoy the lovely weather while you can!

  9. very nice post. i like hearing about the chicken.


  10. Is Lola a Cairn Terrier? She looks a bit like our puppy. Beautiful walks, I bet you had a lovely day.

  11. "Post a comment " was not working so I clicked on publish and the comment box came up. Meandering over the moors just my cup of tea.

  12. Oh that is a lovely Meander, thanks for taking us all along!
    Bing has grown into such a beautiful fluffy fellow!

  13. Thanks for a great walk, - love the word 'meanderings'

  14. What a great walk. Bing is such a handsome boy, he's grown so quickly.

  15. That walk is truly magnificent!!!The bay glorious.

  16. That is a lovely meander, and a great word. Old railway tracks certainly make good walks.

  17. My kind of place. Ah it is you with a dog called Bing. The other night DH suddenly yelled Bing in his sleep. When I told him in the morning he didn't know anything about it. He never remembers dreams. He didn't believe me when I said it was a dog's name.

  18. Wow! Hasn't Bing grown! Hope the chooks grow a good coat of feathers soon x
    Sarah x


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