Tuesday, May 24

S is for Selling

The dresser is up for sale! It has been packed away in the shed for quite a few weeks now and the kitchen seems very different without it, but all things considered it is the right thing to do. The top is an original linen press, we had the drawers made to compliment the press so it all fits together in proportion.
My late neighbour had the linen press in her pantry - it was used to store tins of dog food. The doors were originally filled in with cardboard and newspaper - a far cry from what it looked like after we restored it.
Whilst I am SAD to see it go, I know it will go to a new home where it will be loved and treasured, just as it was here.

The top photograph was taken a few years ago - the blue object is a fairing from one of our motorbikes which we had a little drop on! It was just a cosmetic repair - costing best part of £1,00! When we sold the bike Jon told me to take it down - not a good thing for a prospective buyer to see! lol!

Looking at the dresser (press) it has been used to store my various pieces of kitchen memorabilia over the years, but I have conflicting views over saving such stuff - it should be used really, on a regular basis. I tend to keep things "away" and then get upset if something is chipped when used. The consequence is a large collection of items never used - something I am hoping to address when the kitchen is revamped.

What special kitchen memorabilia to you have? and how to you use/display or store?

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  1. I hope the dresser goes to a good home, if I had room I'd have it myself, it's lovely.

    I don't really collect kitchen memorabilia though I do have a china chicken and chicks in a basket by Nao which sits on my kitchen windowsill.

  2. I just love that dresser but haven't the room for it.
    I like that *Country* look!

    What do I collect? I find it hard to resist little plastic containers.I have far too many.
    In the dining room I have Babushka dolls and Kokeshi (Japanese) wooden dolls. I look out for Babushka dolls in Charity shops & they usually have one or two of the dolls missing.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. That's a beautiful dresser. I have an old pie safe in my kitchen that I keep open on one side. I should probably store it too as it takes up a lot of room but I'm used to having too much furniture and too little space.

  4. Lovely dresser - I wish I had a bigger kitchen...
    as a result I collect smaller items, like bread boxes and old tins. It means a lot of searching and a few forgotten biscuits!

  5. I know what you mean about not using things. We have things that are brought out occasionally because I know if we used them all the time they would be broken. On the other hand it is so nice to use lovely, treasured things.

  6. Since my children have grown up, a divorce, a move and I don't have dinner parties for 25+ anymore... I have really pared down my dishes and just about everything else !

    I always bring back dishes from my trips to Japan and I figure why not use them and enjoy them everyday. I am not getting any younger !

    I have a wall in pantry in my house so have everything stacked in there so I can see it and use it.

    I really don't collect much especially if I have to dust it !

    My advice to you is use your dishes and enjoy them.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. gosh I meant to say I have a walk-in pantry...

  8. there are plates my wife colllects, but not me.
    good luck w the sale.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I love restoring furniture! I've restored dressers, beds and chairs. It's hard to let them go!

  10. Denise, I am ashamed to say that I have quite a lot of Minton Haddon Hall china - very expensive and mainly bought as wedding presents for the farmer and I. I have never used any of it and once dreamt that the Queen came to tea and I couldn't decide whether to use it or not!! (Not sure what that tells you about my psyche!)

  11. Beautiful dresser. I hope it finds a home that deserves it. My favourite bit of memorablia is a cookery book that is about 30 years old. It doesn't have any fancy pictures but it has the basic recipe for everything in it. It is well thumbed.

  12. I suffer from the same symptoms! I have been working on it for a few years now, but it a long and tedious process to shed things.

  13. My mother had several childless aunts, so my sister and I inherited a lot of things we probably would never have bought. A couple of my pieces are fairly valuable, so they never get used. It's so silly, because I've bought furniture in which to keep these things I never use. I'm leaving them to my nieces in my will, and they can decide.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. I don't really keep kitchen memorabilia -- but I like the look of that pale green milk jug in the cabinet. I do happen to have a teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and tea mug in blue Devonware with -- what else -- Flamborough Head written on the side of each piece. They are just seaside souvenir pieces, but I found them all on eBay, separately, and I wouldn't dream of using them.

  15. I can see why you are sad to see it go -- such beautiful wood. Stay strong!

    ABC Wednesday Team

  16. Good luck with the sale, it's a beautiful piece I'm sure it will find a new home soon.

  17. Charles and I were married when more practical things were not available for wedding gifts, and so we received a great deal of silver which I try to find someone to polish at least at Christmas time. We did receive a lovely large tea set, and have used the cream and sugar every day since we were married. It is a little dinted but I plan to have the set re-silvered and repaired before leaving it to one of the family.
    The tea pot has probably only been used once or twice, - it is so enormous!

  18. Good luck with the sale - a beautiful piece which should find a loving new owner right away.

  19. This is a beautiful piece. I do hope you have great success in selling it, and that it is well loved in its new home.

  20. It is amazing how European furniture keeps, but not IKEA.

  21. Had such a wonderful look at alll the comments - I keep bits and pieces on the tops of my cupboards ESP old glass bottles that I dig up in the garden. A sort of mini museum to the farm!

  22. A beautiful centre piece for your kitchen, or at least it was!

  23. It is a very beautiful cupboard full of character, British character! I like it. I have also many things which I cherish and cannot give up.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  24. Oh it's beautiful! I hope the person who buys it loves it very much.

  25. My kitchen is jam-packed with stuff (or clutter) accumulated by my Grandmother, my Mother and now Me. My shiny food processor sits next to an old hand whisk, for example. Mum's 'new' kitchen still has Nan's old Sideboard in it.
    I could go on :)

  26. It's beautiful. I love dressers. We have one in our kitchen, built in like the units. But we have so many in the buildings that are antiques!!

    Hope you get a good price for it.
    CJ xx

  27. What a lovely piece! Must have been difficult to part with it!

  28. Aw, that dresser will find a new loving home in no time, it's gorgeous! Now the kids are older, we use ALL our special stuff for everyday use, and yes, accidents happen, but I figure that's all part of the price of enjoying the good stuff (shrug).

    Soooooooo, when can we expect you round? Sam's been up at 6am all this past week, greeting all the lorries off the ferry as they drive past the Quarterbridge - he's even got a chart to tick for every beep, wave, or flashing light he gets back..! he's asked me to say hi to you and Jon.

  29. Love your dresser. I wish I had room for it myself. The wood is beautiful, great refinishing job.
    I have so many collections of things but when we moved 4 years ago, the purging began. So many things are still in boxes. If I've lived without them for this long I figure its time to sell them.
    Hope your dresser finds a good home.


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