Monday, August 9

Monday Morning!


How do you like your eggs? I am a boiled egg fan – I even have my favourite Peter Rabbit egg cup and matching plate. I boil the eggs for 5 minutes as they are quite large and have toast with butter. I usually have breakfast around 9.30 after I have done the early morning jobs….infact looking at the picture is making me hungry!

Our eggs were popular this weekend! We went to Pickering Steam Engine Rally and I made some scotch eggs! They were delicious even if I say so myself!

We have had an action packed weekend so I need to do some general housework and get the ball rolling in the every day life here in the Nesbitt household!

Watch this space!

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  1. Aww, Peter Rabbit :-) Your breakfast looks most tempting - the egg yolk is a gorgeous colour.

  2. What fun...
    but I like my egg a little firmer please :-)

  3. I love eggs, scrambled or boiled, delicious!! your picture truly makes me hungry :)

    Macro Monday

  4. I have to be in the mood to eat eggs, if I'm not they make me heave! :0

    My breakfast consists of branflakes (summer and milk or porridge (winter), then a small bowl of fruit salad. :)

  5. Scrambled please. With smoked salmon and piled onto a lightly toasted bagel.


  6. Eggs....cooked anyway is just simply good eating!! Love you macro here too.

    My Macro is Nautical And I also added a bit about a new meme I'm inviting everyone; if you'd like to join in on the challenge. Come over and find out what day on which it will take place....join me?

    Hope your Monday is treating you well.

  7. Like the way you've presented the plate. Great composition. Yum! Looks good to me. On weekdays, I have breakfast around 7:30. It usually consists of plain oatmeal with raisins and almonds added for sweetness and an added crunch. On the weekend, I sometimes treat myself to a Spanish Omelet with chorizo, cheese, and a plentiful dose of hot sauce. If I'm just having an egg, I like it over medium with toast.

  8. Looks tasty, very cool pic (that makes my mouth water)!

  9. I am not a breakfast person, and eggs in any form are especially nauseating - unless they're in an omelet with cheese, ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and topped with salsa, thereby completely covering the egg taste.

    BUT...your photo makes the whole nasty thing look DIVINE! I adore the Peter Rabbit set - I have my childrens' set on display over my kitchen cabinets - and the colors and composition are perfect.

    I don't know...maybe if I had that egg cup, and a brown egg, and could make my toast look like yours...maybe, just maybe, I'd give it a try.

  10. I am getting hungry too, looks yummy ! I like it the same way as you !

  11. I've never had eggs that way before, I like egg sandwiches & scrambled! Yummy!

  12. Any way at all, I love em all. Just discovered a neighbour living opposite my new house sells free range eggs yummee

  13. That egg looks delicious.
    A friend who went to the Pickering day complained about the high, wobbly bridge across the road - she is terrified of heights and found it absolutely awful to cross.

  14. YUM! I am really glad I am eating lunch while browsing blogs. That would have made me hungry!!!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Hood Photo Blog

  15. I love that you have a Peter Rabbit egg cup! I'm sure the eggs taste better in that!

  16. you are making me hungry too! looks delicious! before i read y our post i noticed your peter rabbit plate!! love it! have a great weekend, Karyne

  17. Pleeese pleese Denise... can I come for breakfast, I absolutely love freshly boiled eggs.


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