Monday, September 13

Daily Reflection - Monday

Had to drive to Middlesbrough today, to the Riverside estate. I set out in good time but there were technical issues with my phone.

Eventually arrived and was quite stressed - just wanted to get home really.

Thankful I don't need to do the journey for a long time and I will make a point of going at another time.

Write whatever comes to mind when reflecting on the day.

Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow, 

Read what you wrote and write what insights you get from this.

Will plan a nice morning preparing for 12.30.

Read what insights you wrote and decide if you want to take action as a result. Write down what actions you want to take.

Action - Plan tomorrow. Do some writing in the morning - I can only really enjoy writing when the house is tidy - so a quick wizz round then I will write about one of the most romantic things that has happened to me.

So that was Monday. Archers at 7 Radio 4, bath then Channel 5 as still no BBC on TV. Salmon, new potatoes, rocket and sweetcorn for tea.

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